Friday, October 2, 2009

ACEOs and Art Stores

Above are my two newest ACEOs featuring a rat as a bat and a rat hiding behind a tombstone. These are for sale now on eBay, you can click on them to go to the auction.

I bought some colored pencils yesterday in an art store and when I got home I found that some of them just keep breaking as I sharpen them, it's very annoying. I even put them in the microwave a few seconds to see if that would help, but not really. I had also bought a smooth bristol pad and am working on a Halloween rattie. Thought it would be interesting to try a different surface to draw on for a change.

Finally got to go to the Fairway Market, my mom had read a book on it and wanted to see it. It had a lot of cheeses and olives and the produce is set up so neatly! It's kinda far so I won't get back too often but it was nice to see and I know where to go if I need a particular type of cheese.

It is getting a bit too cold in good old NJ. One minute you're too hot and the next too cold. I wish the weather would change more gradually so you could get used to it. Winter used to be my favorite season but not so much anymore!

I am happy that my Zazzle shop has been getting some sales!

If you got this far thanks for reading and have a great day.


Donna said...

Kathy, your Halloween ACEOs are sooo cute, and so art the other two. You reminded me of when we used to stick our black eyeliner pencils in the flame to melt them. LOL - I checked out your postcard on Zazzle of the three ratties having lunch together! Which one is me?

kmcoriginals said...

Hey Donna, glad you like my Halloween ACEOs. I remember those eyeliner days. haha. As for the lunch ratties, you can be whichever one you want, I never could decide who would be who.