Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pastel Painting

Hello, welcome to my blog. Last night I listed my first 'all Pastel' painting of one of my cats rolling around. I've used pastels in my colored pencil ACEOs but just for highlights or a background. I hope to do more as I like the soft quality they have. Below is a close up of her cute little face.

This close up is larger than the actual art and the top picture is smaller. The size is 10"x 5"on Art Spectrum Colourfix Paper.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yesterday, June 20, was the start of the NFAC (Nibblefest) contest on eBay. This month the theme is 'Things with Tails'. That is a good theme for me since I mostly do rats and cats and they both have tails. To add something a bit different though I choose to have my rat flying a kite, which also has a tail.

Little rattie looks happy to be out on a beautiful day, flying his kite, without a care in the world. To see more themed art search NFAC on eBay. All NFAC art starts at 99¢ and can be any size.

I will be listing more ACEOs tonight. I have one finished and will be working on more today.

Today marks the start of summer, although with the cooler temperatures and rain, you wouldn't guess it in my area. Since heat and humidity are the worst weather combo and a staple of summer life in NJ, I prefer this cooler weather even if it comes with rain.

Hope you are having a nice start to your summer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday evening I listed another ACEO on eBay featuring Flicka the cat patting a rattie on the head.
I was all set to draw up some more ACEOs today at work and discovered that I left my colored pencil bin at home. What to do, what to do...

Well, I got out my paints and a small Windsor & Newton canvas (5"x3") I had bought and painted up a cute little rat peeking at you (see him below). I have been meaning to paint again and even make New Year's resolutions that I will do at least one canvas painting a month. That doesn't seem unreasonable and yet I never manage to do it. Maybe now that I have a forced start it will give me the momentum needed to continue. There are more little canvas's just waiting around for some paint.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Friday already

Good morning! Another week is almost over, they just fly by.

Today I am posting my newest ACEO of Bob the cat and a rat taking a nap. Bob is at my shop and is the friendliest cat ever. He just loves everyone. He's a big old orange tabby and has to have his nose in everything.

I am hoping to get more art done today so I can list it Sunday night on eBay.

My nephew is going to Mali with the Peace Corps for 27 months and I was telling him I will have to do some ACEOs based on his adventures, or at least my idea of what his adventures would be. Hopefully he will have internet access once in a while so I will have actual stories from him. Already some ideas are rolling around in my brain based on what his job will be.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Newark Fire Dept. Parade

These are two of the Fire Apparatus that took part in the parade. The top one is an old Dodge from the 50's which was my favorite and the bottom one is an American LaFrance which is also a favorite of mine.

I just know this parade will be a backdrop in one or more of my rat ACEOs.

Good morning all. I had a nice busy weekend, Saturday I was out with family and Sunday I was at a Fire Parade in Newark. It was a beautiful day and lots of people attended. I will post some pictures later.

For now I do have a picture of my newest rattie in a life jacket all ready to row around the lake.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Rats Start Summer

Although it is a bit on the chilly side here I decided to let my rats frolic like it's already a hot summer. I don't like the heat so would prefer to draw like it's hot than to actually be hot. So I have drawn Mr Rattie barbecuing at his grill and lounging in his wading pool.

Hope you enjoy the start of rattie summer. They are hoping to have a fun filled couple of months.

Monday, June 1, 2009

ACEO Theme Week for June

It's that time! ACEO theme week. This month the theme is Summer Garden and I managed to get two done. Click on the images to read the stories.

It was a beautiful day here in good old NJ. I hope the weather stays decent for a while, I can't stand humidity.

It's getting late and I am getting sleepy so I will add more tomorrow.

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