Saturday, October 17, 2009

My new mouse

This week at work it was getting late and I was ready to head home when I remembered something I had to do. It meant another half hour at work. Waaah. When I got up to go to the computer to finish said work, there was Bob the cat 'playing' with this cute little mouse! I grabbed the mouse and put him in a tupperware dish.

I was so surprised that I didn't remember anything about what mice like to eat, so I went to Facebook and posted, asking for help. My friends on Facebook were a big help. Thank you to Alyssa, Amber, Jan, Shelley and Judy, who is running the raffle to help feed starving dogs in Mexico (link goes to my blog post about raffle).

He is so tiny that I thought at first he was a baby, but as I looked I could see he was probably full grown just a tiny mouse. I debated letting him go, but decided to keep him, since it's so cold. He is just adorable with his little white belly.

So, I am off today to get a few items for my new little mouse, and will visit mom, who has a cold, so I better get going!

Have a nice day!


PoozyBear said...

Awwwww . . . he is SO cute. Definitely not a baby, because it's too late in the year for baby animals to be born. He's just a little guy.

A few weeks ago I trapped a rat that had been living under my birdbath. I've been trapping and re-releasing a lot of the rats on my property, but this little fellow was different. He was so docile and sweet. I came VERY close to having a pet rat, but in the end realized it probably wasn't a good idea, and set him free in a nice wild area. He was a real cutie - hope he has a happy life. :)

Golders said...

Oh what a little sweet thing!

kmcoriginals said...

Thanks Kathy and Wendy! Kathy, I'm sure your rat is happy to have been set free.

If it wasn't so cold by me I would have let this little guy go. I put him in an aquarium I had from years ago and now he is hiding, tank might as well be empty. LOL