Sunday, October 4, 2009

Helping Dogs in Mexico

A friend and wonderful person goes to Mexico every year to help feed starving dogs. Myself and many others have donated items to help her raise money. Read below for all the info.


Once again it's time for our yearly Mexican Mission trip. Last year we started feeding the dogs we see as well. With the donations we received mostly from this raffle we were able to put a lot of food in the starving bellies of many dogs as well as leave food behind for the people in the area to feed them more.

This raffle is once again to help just the dogs. There are lots of wonderful items that have been donated. Please check them out and buy your tickets for a chance to win.

This year i will make it easier on myself... Tickets can be purchased for $1.00 each and please specify what item you want to take a chance to win. Each item will have a name and number to identify it.

PRIZES can be seen here.

there are currently 28 prizes. For more info contact Judy: jkadaj at just use @ in place of at.

The raffle starts today and will end October 31st.
Please feel free to pass this along to anyone or any group who may be interested. There are much more than just rat related prizes.

Above are the items I have donated to Judy's raffle.

First is an ACEO original (2.5"x3.5") titled 'The Stealthy Rat'
Second is an ACEO print of 'The Juicy Cheeseburger'
Third is a set of 3 mini prints (1 5/8" x 2 3/8" each) of 'Save the Beer', 'Beer and Beach' and 'The Floater'
Fourth item is another set of 3 mini prints, ''We Finally Meet', 'The Serious Surfer' and 'Castle Building: Step One'.

There are many other prizes, jewelry, a purse, a shawl to name a few. Check it out.

Thanks so much for any help you can give.


Drusilla Kehl said...

Really awesome donations!! You rock!

kmcoriginals said...

Aww, thanks Dru, you are too kind.