Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Rats and TV complaints

I am starting on my Halloween ratties, one is happy with his pumpkin basket and the other just loves his turkey costume. I will have fun the next couple of weeks deciding how to dress them.

I am so not ready for the new shows to be starting. I am peeved that they took 'Without a Trace' off the air so I am boycotting Tuesday TV. NCIS is ok but why did they make another one in LA when they could have kept 'Without a Trace'? And then sticking another new show in it's 10:00 slot, I don't care if Mr Big is in it or not, I won't watch.

They always seem to get rid of the shows I like so I try not to get too attached. First they get me hooked on 'Vanished' and 'The Nine', they just pull them off the air with no ending show of what happened. And I really liked Everwood, and that was pulled too even though it had better ratings than some garbage they kept on. Arrghh. The good news is I won't be a slave to the TV this season.

I am hesitant to name my favorite shows for fear they will pull them off the air too. (Yeah, like the network execs hang on my every word, haha)

Oh well, maybe I will have some rats protesting about my TV shows. In the meantime I will go back to my book, 'The Neighbor' by Lisa Gardner, which is excellent. Can't wait to see how it ends.

Have a great evening.

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