Thursday, January 20, 2011

Horse and Rats acrylic painting

I have listed an original 11x14 inch acrylic painting in my Etsy shop featuring a horse in a stall and two friendly rats. I have a few more paintings I will be adding in the next few days.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Laminated Bookmarks

I have been so bad at updating my blogs lately. Shame on me. I am still painting and drawing and listing on eBay. I am also planning to finish my second book, 'The Rats of Winter'.

A new venture I've been meaning to do for years has begun. I am selling my art as laminated bookmarks. I had started to do this years ago and had given my mom some to test out for me. Well the good news is that the lamination has held up great, they look as good as new. My mom reads about 5 books a week so the bookmarks do get a workout.
The bookmarks are all hand done by me, I print, cut, and then laminated them. They are two sided, with my name and info on the back.

Some bookmarks will be from one of my 'bookmark' paintings, and others are cropped from ACEOs or larger works I have done. Some I have listed so far are shown below, click picture to see all bookmarks on eBay.
It has been cold and snowy this winter in NJ and I cannot wait to see the crocus in March, my sign that spring is coming.

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