Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Sunday in November

Hello, another gloomy day in November here in good old NJ. Am getting ready to go draw while I listen to a book on tape. Will also be working on some commission work for some wonderful customers.

I updated my Zazzle shop this week with some winter and Christmas items, like cards and stamps. I will be adding to it quite a bit in the coming weeks.

Below are my newest ACEOs I have up on eBay, one featuring my mouse who I've named 'Ms Mousie' which fits her just fine. She is doing real well I'm happy to report.

I'm getting used to the Blogger update, used to be when you uploaded pictures it would put them at the beginning of the post, even if you uploaded them at the end of say the third paragraph. Now it puts them where you are in the post, so if I post them after the third paragraph, that's where they stay! A nice improvement.

Another update on the Pumpkin Banana Mousse Pie: it turns out that when you let it sit a few days so you are not sick of looking at it, it's pretty darn good! The recipe was in a Food Network magazine my mom had.

Am looking forward to seeing the Amazing Race tonight, anyone else watch it? I am just starting to get really into it.

Well, I'd better run off and get some work done. Thanks for reading this far!

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