Thursday, November 5, 2009

ACEO Theme Week and More

Hello again, yes, this is my second post of the day. The theme this month is World Cultures or Countries. I had waited until the last minute so just went thru pictures my nephew had sent of Africa. I decided to draw his host family, in my rattie fashion of course.

The other three are ratties who just know that winter is coming and they will have to deal with cold, snow, hail, sleet and ice. On the fun side they will be able to go sledding, skating, skiing and all manner of fun winter activities. On the not so fun side it will mean shoveling, slipping, freezing and lots of grumbling.

I had another fall rat ready to list last night and at the last minute noticed that I forgot whiskers! Don't know how that happened, but I will add them today and he will be ready to list tonight, most likely before CSI.

Clicking on pictures will take you to the auction where you can read the story.

Hope you have an enjoyable day!

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