Thursday, September 10, 2009

Acrylic ACEOs and a Tee Shirt in the Works

Above are my two latest ACEOs and probably the last featuring summer activities until next season. The ratties will be getting out their fall wardrobe. These are done in acrylic paints, one on Art Spectrum Colourfix Paper, (this is the first time I've painted on this paper) and one on 185 lb Acrylic Paper my old time favorite for acrylic ACEOs.

It was fun painting again, it's been a while. I may try a combo of paint and colored pencil. And I may break out my watercolors again. I learned how to watercolor in art school and for years it was my favorite medium.

The reason for my wanting to paint for a change comes from looking through my older art for things to put on my Zazzle site. (see link to the right). Most of my earlier works were acrylics and it reminded me how I should use them again.

I am also working on a drawing for a tee shirt featuring a rat. It will be printed in white ink on a dark tee shirt.

My nephew gets sworn in today as a Peace Corps volunteer. He has been doing well over there and seems to like it. I never realized what a social butterfly he is.

Well I'm off, thanks for stopping by.

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