Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two of my latest ACEOs, one featuring Bob the cat who is sleeping and unaware that rats are nearby and one featuring Markus waiting for a friend.

It is soooo hot around these parts the last few days! It is hard to get up the motivation to do anything, like now I am in here typing this blog instead of out doing yardwork, which I swear I will do before work today.

My nephew has sent an email and is doing well in Mali, really adapting well. He is heading back to homestay today, that's where you stay with a host family and they teach you the language and customs etc. This is part of his 3 months of training, after which he will head on out to some village for 2 years. He is part of the Water Sanitation team.

Oh well I better get to that yardwork!


PoozyBear said...

Oh man, I just LOVE that little dude and his roadster.

Glad to hear that your nephew is doing well. :)


Drusilla Kehl said...

I love them both so much!! Glad you're nephew is doing well.