Thursday, July 28, 2011

Commission paintings

I've done a few commission paintings these past few weeks, a pretty dog, who had passed away, for my niece to give to her boyfriends mother, and a friends new grandson. I like to do different things to show that I can do more than cats and rats! haha I like cats and rats because they are so familiar, with dogs or other critters I have to research where their whiskers are, the bone structure etc.

Well, now that I am done yakking about the paintings, I will actually show them:

I've also done a few Lionhead Rabbits, something new for me. This painting is available on eBay now. I had permission to paint this from the photographer, M Zavita. Thanks!

Well that about sums up the new paintings in my life. I hope to have more to show you soon.


Donna said...

Kathy, these are awesome as always!

kmcoriginals said...

Hey Donna, thanks so much!