Thursday, August 20, 2009

The weather by me has been so hot lately I can't even think. It's driving me crazy. Most people who like summer only like it because they go from their air conditioned house to their air conditioned car to their air conditioned job and they are never really getting the full benefit of the heat and humidity.

Ok, enough of my bitching, but I just had to say it. On to my art. My ratties are enjoying their time at the beach or the shore to us Jerseyans.

In my next post I will put up my other new art including my Nibblefest ACEO.

I am now going back to my book, I am on a binge reading the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child. I've read a few over the years and now am reading all the ones I missed. I like to read books in order but these don't 'have' to be. I am now reading his newest one Gone Tomorrow and it is soooo good. If you like to read check him out. His website is here.


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Love the one with the sky!

kmcoriginals said...

Thanks Gail! I just love looking up at the night sky.