Saturday, September 25, 2010

NFAC and my Art Portfolio

NFAC Sept 2010 NocturnalFirst off I will start with my new NFAC art, which I made in 'bookmark' shape, which I vary, this one is 2" x 5".

The theme this month is Nocturnal and I have a rat walking in the dark. I've been busy with other things and am lucky that rats, which I mostly draw, just happen to be nocturnal.

Click on the drawing to go to the auction, which will end on Monday night.
I've been looking for a job and it seems just when I have my portfolio updated, I will see a posting for things I can do but haven't listed. I think you get so used to what you can do you forget to include past things.

To the right is the link to my Art Portfolio, (or just click the words in this paragraph). I switched to my .Mac account, instead of Flickr, since I can have more groupings of art. It's helping me to organize all the things I've done and can still do. Of course I am sure that something new will come up in a job posting and I will scramble to add another category.

Thanks for stopping by!


Nightdragon said...

Hi Kathy, my wife -- Squirrel -- and I have your book "The Rats of Summer," and we were wondering when your newer book "The Rats of Winter" will be coming out. We've also got some mugs and cards with your artwork on it. We love the Hallowe'en devil rat card from a few years ago. We have that framed -- it reminds us of our dear girl Roxy, looks just like her trick-or-treating!

We enjoy your artwork a lot, we are huge rat fans!


kmcoriginals said...

Thanks so much! I am hoping to get the new book finished in a week or two. I appreciate your wonderful comments! Have a great day.