Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mid January Hello!

I've been meaning to post here for weeks now and have decided that today is the day! It's been a tad chilly here in NJ but with January almost over and February so short, March is just about here! And that is when it starts to get a bit more temperate out and I start looking for the crocus.

My brother, SIL and niece went to Africa to visit my nephew in the Peace Corps and had a nice time. I will probably do a few ACEOs with rats in Africa.

NFAC starts tomorrow and I thinks it's Mask/Masquerade this month, but I will double check. For now I will post my lastest ACEOs that are still up on eBay, you can click the pics to go to the auction.

The first two pictures feature Randy and Rosa, celebrating their 2 year anniversary and Randy bringing Rosa a stuffed rat and balloon, He sure is a big spender this year! The little lady with the heart shaped jelly donut (given to her by a secret admirer) is Little Missy, the clumsy skater as shown in the last picture. She just doesn't want to accept that she is not adept at ice skating.

Oh well, off to work, thanks for stopping by!

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