Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mid-March update

Hello all, as promised, here is another update that is posted pretty quick for me.

Yesterday, March 20, was the start of NFAC on eBay. The theme this month is 'Asian Inspired' and who is more inspiring than Bruce Lee? This rattie just loves to pretend he is the great Bruce Lee while he practices with his nunchucks.

Also coming soon is Easter, and this rattie is all ready with her pretty Easter egg she decorated all by herself.And Ms Rattie's (and mine also) sign that spring has arrived is the crocus, which has bloomed. Being the generous sort, Ms Rattie has picked some crocus to give to the neighborhood kitty, who doesn't look all that interested in her generous gift.

Although Spring has officially arrived it is cold here in the Northeast US. We even had snow flurries yesterday.

I also signed up for Facebook finally. I am not sure what I am doing yet, but am findable under my name, Kathy Clemente or KMCoriginals. I have two linked pages and one can have friends and the other fans. If you can find me be sure to say hello.


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Love your ratties! Especially the one with the crocus!

kmcoriginals said...

Hi Gail, thanks so much. Crocus are my sign of spring but it is still cold here.